ODIN - Open Disk Imager for Windows

ODIN - A free open source disk imager

ODIN-Screenshot ODIN is a utility for easy backup of hard drive volumes or complete hard drives under Windows. A disk image can be created or restored. Only used clusters can be backuped, compression on the fly is possible. It runs under 32-Bit Windows Operating Systems. How many hours did you spend in setting up your Windows system? Setting up the operating system, installing programs, customizing to your personal needs. Do you want to be protected against hard disk failures, viruses or other malware? Just restore your system within minutes. Why spend money for a commercial solution? ODIN supports snapshots can be run from command line or with a GUI and runs on 32-Bit and 46-Bit operating systems.

New Version 0.33Beta released!

Version 0.33 is a bugfix release to 0.32. 0.33 fixes a crash on restore with Windows 7 and a bug with redirecting input/output in the command line version. Better error reporting was added in case of wrong partition sizes.

Using ODIN

ODIN can be run in two modes, either with a GUI or from a console as command line application. All options and functions are available from command line. See -usage for details. The command line application is started as ODINC.exe. The GUI application is started as ODIN.exe without any command line parameter. The console mode is for example useful for automated tasks running from scripts. Important note : To use from the command line under Vista or higher (with User Account Control enabled) start the console as Adminstrator! The 64-Bit version now allows to make snapshots on 64-Bit operating systems. Due to Windows limitations this was not possible before with a 32-Bit application running on a 64-Bit Windows.


  • Backup/restore of volume or complete hard disk
  • Backup used blocks or all blocks
  • Compress data on backup
  • Verify backup image files for damages
  • Support of all Windows file systems
  • Split image files to chunks (e.g. for burning to CD/DVD)
  • Does not require installation, just start odin.exe
  • Can be run from USB stick
  • Supports Windows PE (Win7 recovery, BartPe, etc.)
  • Use multiple CPUs
  • Snapshots of volumes
  • Command Line interface
  • 64-Bit version available

Planned Features


This program is licensed under the GNU public license.

Change log

A more detailes list of changes can be found here.


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It is not recommended to use this program as your only backup mechanism. Any use is at your own risk.